Thursday, 3 November 2016

Philippines 2016/2017

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Airports: AES, OSL, BKK, MNL, TAC, PPS.

Day 01.

The traffic to Vigra Airport (AES) was not too bad since it was so late in the afternoon, there was not much traffic in the tunnels either so it doesn’t take too long to get to the airport.
The same at the airport not too many people so it was not taking to long to check in my suitcase and go to the security check, I don't know what happened there but they have some paranoia about liquids and have begin to check carry on bags much more then they have done before, it's no problem for me personally but I see there was some people whit small kids that was checked more then usual both them and baby food if they had that whit them.
I don't know if it's for there contract is soon over and they need to look busy so they can renew or what it is but hope it's not the new standard on Ålesund airport Vigra.

After I was finish in the security check I take a trip over to Upper crust to get something to eat.
I eat a prawn sandwich and drink a glass pineapple soda as I wait for the flight, it's still a little while before they begin to board so it's no stress, just sit here and look at people and the time. There was not too many that was going on the flight to Oslo this evening.

Not many people standing at the gate and that’s good since the queue there is not to long and to faster we can board the plane and get on the way to Oslo. Here are some families that are travelling on the same flight and some business men it’s looks like are travelling on the same flight. It will be fare from full if it’s just the people in the terminal that are travelling on the same flight.

I was thinking of travelling whit KLM this year, and had it not been so long layover time (7,5 hours) in Amsterdam (AMS) on the connecting flight to Manila I had taken the flight from Vigra. But as it is now it's faster to fly whit Thai from OSL.

The flight whit Thai take 17 hours from Oslo to Manila. The flight from Vigra whit KLM take 23 hours so 6 hours more if there are no delays anywhere but usually there is always some delay especially in Asia.

Aalesund Airport Vigra is not a big airport so it's not much to do here beside sit and wait for the flight to OSL.
I start my trip from Aalesund to Oslo on SAS flight SK 1327.
Aircraft type Boeing 737-800 . Company Scandinavian Airlines.
Boeing 737-800 Scandinavian Airlines. AES-OSL

Ålesund Airport Vigra (AES)

Ålesund Airport Vigra (AES) by air

The weather in Aalesund today the 01.11.2016 is, Mostly cloudy with a couple of showers
Temperature: 8°C
Real Feel: 7°C
Rain: 5 mm
Wind: 9 km/h
Visibility: 10.0 kilometres
Humidity: 93 %
UV: 0 out of 12
Clouds: Few 152 m, Scattered Clouds 548 m, Mostly Cloudy 792 m Forecast by

Flight status on the 01.11.2016 No weather delay

The flight from AES to OSL was very good not too many pax on the plane and the flight was on time. There was some turbulence on the 45 min flight but not more than normal for this time of the year, and some tail wind when we were on the final approach on OSL that was a little shaky but beside that it was an ok fight.

Just as a siden note: I see SAS have got there new uniforms and it's good they renew something in that airline to

I will be staying at the Best Western Oslo Airport Hotell over night to take the flight from Oslo to Bangkok. 13:30 (1:30 pm) in the afternoon, this is an overnight flight so we will be landing in Bangkok early in the morning. Then we have 1,5 hours in BKK before the flight to Manila.

The room  is OK it's a little expensive from 742 NOK pr night, but since it's just a 5 min bus ride to the airport I think it's not too bad, anyway what you save on another hotel in the aria is not so much plus you need to get a taxi to the airport the day you fly out from OSL. 

So this time I have to take the shuttle bus to the hotel since it's a little distance from the airport.
But it's better that. Then pay 2.400 NOK to stay one night in Radisson Blu hotel
Don't know why Radisson have this ridiculous high prices but I think they have an idea that they just want business people as guests in there hotel.
Bus route from the Airport to the Best western hotel

I have to get up little early since I have to travel by bus plus the plane have a little earlier take off time. As you can see of the time schedules so are there a bus every 20 minute so it's no problem.

I will use the time in Gardermoen to relax and get ready for my flight tomorrow. It's not too much to take pictures of since it's quite dark in the time I arrive in Gardermoen and here is not much that happens around here, I will see if the SAS museum is open if not it's not much to do around here really in the evening. Beside maybe take the bus over to the Airport and sit there and look at the people that travelling to and from Oslo.

But I guess I will see much of that the next days since I will have almost 2 days of travelling before I am in Tacloban.

Day 02.

Woke up early today and since I never eat breakfast I begin to get ready for my 11 hour flight to Bangkok, I check out of the hotel around 11:00 (11:00 am), and take the short bus ride to the airport to check in my suitcase and get my tickets to Bangkok and Manila. There was a little queue at the check in counter but it was not to long time to wait since I was very early and most of the passengers coming a little later in the day, it's still some hours to the flight take off.

The weather in Oslo today the 02.11.2016 is Sunny. High 2C. Winds N at 15 to 30 km/h.
Temperature: 1°C
Real Feel: -3°C
Rain: 0 mm
Wind: 5 km/h
Windchill: -3 °C
Visibility: 10.0 kilometres
Humidity: 81 %
UV: 0 out of 12
Clouds: Few 792 m, Mostly Cloudy 2225 m Forecast by

Flight status on the 02.11.2016 No weather delay

Yesterday I used most of the evening to watch TV and check out different places to visit in the Philippines, plus look at different hotel and resort prices and things like that. And try to find a place to stay that is not in the middle of nowhere, so it takes too long to get to the shops if it's something we need.

I had calculated sometime in the security check since the queues there can be very long and slow going, but it was not too bad.

After I clear the security check I can use some time to walk around and see what's new here since here are some rebuilding in the terminal and it beginning to look better then it was last time I was here at Gardermoen. They have made some more gates since the traffic on the airport is a lot bigger now then is was the day they open the airport, but the fact is that the airport was too small already when it was new in 1998.

The security check at Oslo Airport have been taken over by Nokas Security  and is much better than it was when G4S had it. Now it's looks like everything go in a steady but calm flow and that everything is a little more organized then it was whit G4S and that's good so maybe there is hope for this security check yet. Time will show I guess how it will be. 

The security check in Oslo Airport is by the why the worst I know and I have never meet security personnel that are bigger jerks then at Gardermoen Airport.

And so long everyone knows who the big elephant in the room is when it come to international terror and planning of terror against buildings and airlines around the world so is it them they need to set their focus on.

If you want to complain about the security personnel at OSL so is the address here, Contact Oslo Lufthavn 

I am walking around the airport terminal for a while to look in the shops to see if there are anything interesting, but it was not much I need there or that was of any interest since most of it is overpriced. I going to buy some boxes whit snus   and some chocolate on tax-free since the Pinoy people love chocolate for some reason, but beside that here is not much of interest as I can see, and I don't want to carry to much around in the airports.

So I will get some breakfast as I waiting to board the flight to Bangkok. Since it's not every time they have food that are so good on the flight sometimes they have some food that is just for especially interested people. And since I have no time to get something to eat in Bangkok I need to eat something.
My next big meal will be in Tacloban in about 18 hour’s time.

Just a warning to the people that are flying in or out of Oslo Airport the food there is very expensive and to be honest it doesn’t taste too good either.
If you read Norwegian, can you read some reviews here.

But since I have plenty of time here I have nothing else to do. And Oslo Airport is a really boring airport to wait in. Here is nothing to do what so ever so the time goes very slow. On the plus side so are Oslo Airport very easy to navigate in since you have all the gates on one floor and they are very easy to find. The same if you are in transit there, its a little distance to walk but it's very easy to find the international gates.

Sitting now in the waiting aria in the international terminal and waiting for the boarding to begin, and looking at passing flights on the tarmac, or flights that standing on the apron and people that pass by here.
Mostly business men but also ordinary people that are travelling some place in the world, I see here are some families that are going to Thailand on holiday so they will be on the same flight maybe some are going on the same flight as me all the way to Philippines.

I have to see if some of them are going to the same gate as I do in BKK and board the plane to Manila. I guess we will be transported whit a bus this year to, to the other side of the airport in BKK to board the plane to MNL.

01 November 2016

Alesund Int Airport (IATA: AES) - Oslo Int Airport (IATA: OSL)

Flight: SK 1327
Departure time: 18:30 (6:30 pm). Arrival time 19:25 (7:25 pm)
Gate: 01
Terminal: 1 (domestic)
Seat nr: 29B
Flight Ticket: Economy
Flight time: 45 min
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Passenger Capacity: 162 Pax
Range: 5.463 km.

02 November 2016

Oslo Int Airport (IATA: OSL) – Bangkok Int Airport (IATA: BKK)

Flight: TG 955
Departure time: 13:30 (1:30 pm). Arrival time 06:20 (6:20 am) .
Gate: 50
Terminal: 1 (international)
Seat nr:
Flight Ticket: Economy
Flight time: 11 hours
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300
Passenger Capacity: 364 Pax
Range: 11.140 km.

Layover at Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi (BKK): 1 hour 25 min.

03 November 2016

Bangkok Int Airport (IATA: BKK) - Manila Int Airport (IATA: MNL)

Flight: TG 620
Departure time: 07:45 (7:45 am). Arrival time 11:55 (11:55 am)
Gate: D8 A
Concourse: D
Seat nr:
Flight Ticket: Economy
Flight time: 3 hours. 15 min
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200
Passenger Capacity: 309 Pax
Range: 9.695 km.
Thai Airways International Boeing 777-300. OSL-BKK

Thai Airways International Boeing 777-200. BKK-MNL

Manila Int Airport (IATA: MNL) - Tacloban Airport (IATA: TAC)

Flight: Z2 324
Departure time: 15:35 (3:35 pm). Arrival time 17:05 (5:05 pm).
Gate: 3
Seat nr: 
Flight Ticket: Economy
Flight time: 1 hour. 30 min
Aircraft: Airbus A320-200
Passenger Capacity: 180 Pax
Range: 6.150 km.
AirAsia Airbus A 320-200. MNL-TAC

Day 03.

The flight from Oslo to Bangkok was 45 min delayed in Oslo since they messed there slot and had to wait for a new one, beside that was there many pax whit kids on the flight, from 1 month to 2 years old. And they was crying all the time. And as I see it we need to do something about that like set the lowest age for long haul flights to 3 years. For it's not good to sit for many hours and here all that crying.

All flights to Tacloban was cancelled today since they need to fix the runway after some weather damage there. So I had to get a room at Achivers Econotel beside the airport for one day, so now I have a flight out from terminal 4. 11.35 pm the 04.11.2016.

We landed in Bangkok way after schedule since we was almost 1 hour late out from Oslo. And I was little unsure if I get on the flight to Manila or not, but we was parked on a parking place away from the terminal so we needed to take an shuttle bus to the terminal, and luckily they stop at the D terminal so it was not to much walking I had to do.

And after we was finish in the security check and had find my gate D8 A they had already begin to board the flight so it was just to get in line and go onboard the plane.
There was not much people waiting in the security check so that was fast and I need all the min I can get if I will have a chance to get onboard the plane in time.

There was some confusion this time since they have change the place for the entrance of the security check to the ground floor and you go up the stairs after you are done in the security now. But it was easy to find just that you now need to go back about half way it you are using the rolling floor.
The boarding was on time and that is not often it happens, and we need to use a bus out to the flight again as we have done every time we travelling from this gate. It’s a bus trip that takes us half around the airport to a plane that stands on a parking ground on the tarmac.

The bus trip out to the plane was ok used the time to look around on the different planes and people that work here in the airport.
Were much people that was going to Philippines it looks like most of them are from Asia probably either Thai or Pinay I don't see so many European pax on the flight. So most of the old people that fly whit me from Oslo was going to Thailand for the winter it looks like or have taken other flights then the one i am taking.

The plane was I guess one of the oldest Boeing 777-200 they have in the fleet since it was quite noisy everything rattles onboard when we take off and it was about the same feeling as to sit on a big lump of jelly, they had a onboard cam there so we can see the runway and for a moment after we landed in Manila it looked like we was driving of the runway but I think it was just looking like that on the cam.
The weather in Bangkok today 03.11.2016 is as i can see out the window here in the airport the following: Clearing skies late. Low 24C.
Temperature: 28.6°C
Real Feel: 32°C
Rain: 0 mm
Visibility: 10.0 kilometers
Clouds: Forecast by

Flight status on the 03.11.2016 No weather delay

I have a terminal change in Manila where I have to go from terminal 1 (the outhouse) to terminal 4. So it's around 15 min bus trip between the terminals.

The flight from Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi to Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport was ok it was an 30 min delayed but that is normal out of BKK on flights to MNL.

There was no problem on the flight not much turbulence or anything that was out of the ordinary. Just a quiet flight there most of the pax was sleeping. It looks like Asian people can sleep more or less anywhere. 

NAIA terminal 1 is a little better than last year, but it's still a outhouse and it's still too small and everything here is from when they open in April, 1982, the line at the immigration desks are still the same and it take some time to pass them but I am in no hurry so that's fine. I have 3 hours 35 min to get from Terminal 1 to terminal 4 and find my gate, and that will go just fine since it's not a long bus trip between the terminals.

Here are probably 2-3 flights that come in at the same time so it's many people standing here and waiting, just hope it don't take too long to clear the immigration for there are some line in the custom desk to but I have nothing to declare anyway.

After I clear the passport and custom aria and come out to the arrival hall I find an ATM to take out some Peso and get over to NAIA Terminal 4. When I come out of the terminal building I see there still are 100's of taxi drivers that offer overpriced trips as usual.

But since I going to take the shuttle bus, that is just 20 peso so I don't bother whit them. I still have plenty of time before my plane to Tacloban take off at NAIA terminal 4.

The bus trip was no problem I got there in good time before I needed to board the flight to Tacloban Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport. But since the cancelled all the flights to Tac I need to wait to tomorrow to take a flight out to Tacloban.
The transfer bus was small and full of people most of them were going to Terminal 2 or 3. Terminal 4 is an old small terminal for low price domestic flights and since I am flying low price this time I had to take the trip to terminal 4.

it's looks like T4 is laying in the middle of a poor district in Manila since here is a lot of people that begging for money, it's like walk up the main street in Oslo. The only difference from here is that it's much kids that is begging here.

The weather in Manila today the 03.11.2016 is: Rain: 2-6 mm; higher amounts in thunderstorms.
Temperature: 25°C
Real Feel: 26°C
Rain: 6 mm
Visibility: 10.0 kilometers
Clouds: Few 701 m, Scattered Clouds 3048 m, Mostly Cloudy 9144 m Forecast by

Flight status on the 03.11.2016 No weather delay

Day 04.

I had to pay overweight again on the flight (720 php) to Tacloban since they just have max 20 kg weight on the bags( mine was 22 kg) and I guess that is ok so long you fly domestic but not for IC flights. But again here are no IC flights out from T4 just low price domestic flights.

Sitting now at the gate and waiting to board the flight to Tacloban Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport. The waiting aria here is very full since they have many different gates in a row of doors and it's boarding new planes all the time, looks like the turnaround time here is about 15 min from the last passenger leave the plane to they begin to board and get ready to take off.

Still have some time here before they beginning to board the flight so it's not much to do beside wait and look at the people around me here.

Still have some time here before they beginning to board the flight so it's not much to do beside wait and look at the people around me here.
Was some delay on the flight to Tacloban, since there was much traffic om the runway so we had to wait for about 15 min before it was our turn to take off, but again this is very normal here and since I am in no hurry is it no problem for me really.

I see Tacloban Airport still is not completely renovated since the typhoon in 2013 but it's little better then it was last year when I was here, there was no windows and many of the walls and sliding doors was gone. 
I see there is plans to build a new terminal beside the existing one, and I think that is a good idea since the terminal they have now is beginning to be too small and crowded, and there is just one big room whit 4 gates so here are much to be done yet. So long they have no plans to build a new airport in Palo in the coming years. Have not hear more about it so I guess they have set it on hold for the moment since the move was most to protect the airport from storm surges in the typhoon season.  

Airlines and destinations at Tacloban Airport
Cebu , Manila 

I read about some people that have had much problems whit the Airport security on TAC, it looks like there are security personnel that have been stealing money and mobile phones from the passengers. I personally have never had any problems at the airport so I don't know anything about this.

But do the same here as in any other poor country don't trust anyone even if they wear a uniform be always on the alert, be sceptical and think before you do anything for you never know what kind of people you talking to. And there are many that look at tourists like easy money and walking ATM's. And if you get an offer that is too good to be true it's most likely a scam so don't be stupid and greedy just walk away.

After you pass the security check it's best to check that you have all your things, and if you missing something get the police and report it to them, usually you will get back the things they have taken from you if you want to involve the police. For it's a fact that many of the so celled security guards in airports especially in poor countries stealing from the passengers if they see something that is of value.

The same go for taxi scammers just contact the police and let them deal whit them. (Phone no 117 ) for its no use to begin to argue whit them that will get you nowhere.

The taxi trip from the airport to the hotel was no problem, there was some traffic but that is normal in Asia. The taxi had a decent price to from the Airport to Go hotels it was 300 peso so either they have got some message that they need to set normal prices or maybe I was just lucky whit the taxi driver I pick. So that was some good news in all the thins that happened on the way to Tacloban.
Map from Tacloban Airport to Go hotels

Have booked a room at Go hotels Tacloban, that is in the shopping aria in Tacloban and are one of the 8 hotels that are open after the typhoon, it's a ok hotel for a short stay and here are a big shopping mall right beside so it's easy to get something to eat or get other things that you need.

After I got my room and pack out my things I walked over to the mall beside the hotel to get some food and to look around. The rest of the evening I relax and did not do much since I was tired after almost 24 hour in a plane or in an airport is it good to don't do anything at all.

Used some time in the mall and looking around since here is not much else to do in the evening and it’s not much that have change here since last year. Was looking around in a Japanese shop here that selling many interesting things and they have some things that they don’t sell in Norway so I will see if here is something I need.

I had some dinner at Gerry's Grill and had a last walk around the mall before it’s time to go back to the hotel.
Will take whit me some takeaway from Jollibee and have a relaxing evening at the hotel and relax since it has been a long flight.

The weather in Tacloban the 04.11.2016 Light rain throughout the day.
Temperature: 26°C
Real Feel: 26°C
Rain: 11 mm
Visibility: 10.0 kilometers
Clouds: Few 540 m, Mostly Cloudy 2100 m Forecast by

Flight status on the 03.11.2016 No weather delay

Day 05.

Looks like it going to be a very hot and sunny day here in Tacloban and it's a good time to used some of the time to go shopping and eat some junk food. The looks like they have begin Christmas early here to and not just in Makati they decorate all in October for Christmas.

Here is not much to do beside take a trip around the mall. Since we are a little outside the Centrum of Tacloban. And there is not much in down town Tacloban anyway beside shops and traffic.

As you see on the map under so is it about an hours walk from Go Hotels to the Centrum of Tacloban.  

D’Angelo hotel as you see on the map here was a hotel I have staying at sometimes, I see they have changed the name on the hotel to Hotel Canelsa so I guess they have new owners there.

Day 06.

Checking out of Go hotels today and take a 2,5 hour car ride to Sogod we going to be here 3 days. Before we have a trip to Cebu. Have not done so much today beside travelling here since it's sunday.

Day 07.

Still in Sogod and it have been a sunny day and to hot to go out today, it was some rain in the afternoon so the temperature was going a little down and that was good. Beside that we had a trip to the mall here to buy some glue but they don't have the glue I was looking for so that was a bummer. So that we need to see if we find in Cebu since they have a bigger mall there that have little more things.

Day 08.

Last day in Sogod for this time nothing much happened today had a relaxing day and used some tie to pack and get ready for the trip tomorrow.

Day 09.

Leaving Sogod today and head to Ormoc and then to Cebu for and 3 days time. Checked out early to go to the bus terminal to take a mini van to Ormoc and a fast boat from there to Cebu, we had planed to take the boat that was going 13:30 but when we come to Ormoc we see there was one that was leaving for Cebu 11:30 so we decided to get on that so we was I Cebu a little earlier then planed.
The boat trip over was fine nothing happened beside some kids that was crying and make much noise. 
The boat trip take 2 hours and are most inland so it's not so much sea we get either.

Day 10.

Had a relaxing day in Cebu since we was to late to get to the Mama Mery, so we need to be here some more days but that's ok. Tomorrow we will change hotels since here is one down the street that is half of the price from this we will spend 3 days there since we have time to it and nothing else planed.

Day 11.

We had one more night in Summit circle hotel so that was good, we used the time to take a walk around and see the place, not much to see just shops and street vendors that want you to buy some cheap sunglasses heavy overpriced or something else. But if you don't mind that it's an nice trip to walk around here and just look in the shops and look at people.

Day 12.

Woke up early today and got ready to change hotel since our time in Summit circle was over for this time. So we walked the 200 meter down the road to Holiday plaza hotel where we will spend the next 3 days.

Day 13.

Was a trip to mama mery today and it's a huge place but to bad there is to bad planning for the traffic there so all is chaos and traffic jams, and a lot of people. The bus trip from Cebu was about 2 hour so that was not to bad.

We used most of the day at Mama Mary,Lindogon Simala,Sibonga from early in the morning to around 12:30 in the afternoon. But it's ok to have been there and now I think we have seen what there is to see in the Cebu aria.

The way back to Cebu was ok had an interesting ride on a motorbike from the Mama Mery place to the road beside that it was a ok bus trip back to Cebu.
Day 14.

Had an relaxing day at SM Seaside shopping mall today used most of the day there, and beside that we was just relaxing at the hotel and did some packing since it was time to check out and leave for Tacoban the next day.
SM Seaside is one of the biggest shopping malls in the aria and you can easy spend a whole day in there, and is a place I will visit again.

Day 15.

Time to leave Cebu for this time and go back to Tacloban. We got on the fast ferry from Cebu to Ormoc 10:30 in the morning so it was not to late to we get to Tacloban. The boat ride was no problem since it was a sunny day so was the sea calm and there was not to many big waves.
The problem starts when we get to Ormoc and going to find some transport to Tacloban and normally they will have a bus or something there to bring the passengers from the ferry terminal. But not in Ormoc there they use mini vans that take max 12 persons. And there was around 40 passengers on the boat so it was chaos there a while. And sit in a small van that are more made for people that is around 160 cm for 2 hours is not a good feeling.

After we got to Tacloban we get a room at Go hotels was not the plan to stay there this time but since the taxi price was way overpriced (250 peso for an 4,8 km trip) to the Asian stars hotel that we wanted to go to so was it better to get a room in go hotels the day rate was about the same on the 2 hotels.
Cebu fast ferry terminal 1 
Inside the fast ferry 

Day 16.

Today was a relaxing day we had a trip over to the shopping mall that is just a 3 min walk from the hotel, it's not much else to do in the city since here is not much to see in Tacloban, then you need to travel outside the city and here are much to see in the Leyte aria.

Day 17.

Is the plan that we are going to Manila today but we will see since here is no internet connection since yesterday afternoon so can it be difficult to get any flight tickets but I hope we can get online very soon here. We had to extend the stay for one day since the net was down the whole day.

Day 18.

Give the hotel staff message that there wifi was down and they need to fix it so we get a flight ticket to Manila. And a hotel there. Every hotel around the Greenbelt was full but we get a room in Asian Mansion ll hotel around 400 meters from Greenbelt park.
Beside that we don't do much since it was raining most of the day and the mall was full of people.

Day 19.

We check out of Go hotels early since there was to much noise of both workers and guests there. So we used some time to walk around the mall and get some breakfast and look around for the last time before it was time to take the flight to Manila.

We take an Taxi from Tacloban to the airport early since it was much traffic but we was there long before time. When we get to the airport was there a porter that take our bags, (so be aware of them in the Philippines both in the airport and ferry ports) they take your bag and when you are at the check in desk they expect you to pay them. Mine demanded 40 peso it's not much but it can be much money when you add it up.

The Cebu Pacific desk was not open when we come and they don't open before 1,5 hours before boarding, we got to check in before after  we waiting a while . 
Then we had to pay this corny terminal fee that is 150 peso per person, after that is was to sit and wait for about 2 hours on our flight. So we was quite bored after a while since there is not much to do there beside sit and wait. 

In Manila Airport terminal 3 on the way to get our bags
Main road in Makati On the way to Landmark mall
Some of Greenbelt park Makati

When it was time to board it had been dark and it start to rain so I expected some turbulence on the trip but it was less then I had expected. When we come to Manila terminal 3 we had to use a bus from the plane to the terminal and that's fine so long it's not to far when we get to the terminal so was we standing a while to wait for our bags and when that was finish it was time to fight us past a bunch of taxi scammers that take a huge overprice for there trip.

There was one taxi counter that demanded 1.300 peso for the trip from the terminal to our hotel in Makati. So that was not a good price so I was argue a little whit them and hear all the lame excuses like the price have gone up and it's for your safety and so on all just a lot of BS. 

I ask the woman where I can find the meter taxi and get pointed a little further beside there she was standing and ended up whit a taxi price from the airport to Makati for 500 peso, so I save 800 peso just for walking 10 meters past the scammers. So always ask for the meter taxi.
Especially at Manila Airport for they are notorious to take overprice on there trips.

After we got to the hotel and check in we find out there was no wifi at the hotel and that was a bummer since we was more or less stuck in Makati, in the evening we take a trip around Greenbelt and the malls and it was many people so it was little stressing at times.
Day 20.

Nothing much happened today had a relaxing day and going in the malls here. Since there is not much else to do in the city just have 1 day left here now and we are off to Puerto Princesa for a while so we can see something new.

Day 21.

Last day in Makati for this time and we are going to Puerto Princesa tomorrow. I think I got some food poison from some bacon we buy here either that or it was the almost rotten eggs or the beef we buy since they cut up fish and meat on the same place in the store, so food hygiene is not something that they bother whit here. But I am much better now have some flue and a sore throat but beside that all is good. We don't do so much that day beside pack and have a trip around the mall.

Day 22.

We check out a little early today since we had nothing to do and since it was time to leave for the Airport terminal 2 there was some traffic from Makati but not worse then we got to the airport in good time before the flight. After we got past the security check that by the way is the most ridiculous check I have been passing in my life we had whit us 1 litre of soft drinks and a bottle of olive oil in the carry on and no one reacted to that at all.

After the security we find our gate 17 that was in the end of the hall, after sitting and waiting for about 2 hours for our flight to Puerto Princesa.
I used some of the time to look at the planes that was landing on the runway outside since there was not much else to do there. Around 14:10 we begin boarding the plane, but we had to wait almost 40 min since we was waiting for some pax from a incoming flight that was going on the same flight.

The flight in it self was no problem since it was a very nice and sunny day and good weather all the way on this 1.5 hours flight.

When we get to Puerto Princesa it was the same chaos whit tricycles and people that try to take a fast one on you. But it was not so bad that in like Manila or Cebu but never take the first offer you get.

Day 23.

Had a quiet day in Puerto Princesa today don't do much was finding out some info about the bus transport to El Nido and was taking a trip to a mall there.

Day 24.

Checking out of our hotel and heading to the bus terminal to take a bus to El Nido that go 13:00 from the terminal. We was there quite early so we was walking around for a while as we was waiting for the bus to leave. The terminal there is a noisy place whit many small shops and vendors that try to sell you all kind of crap.
When we finally got going about 30 min after schedule time we had a day of driving in front of us. The bus trip was set to around 6 hours and it was almost 7 hours before we got to El Nido.

The but trip was more the bus trip from hell they drive as they had stolen the bus and on narrow bumpy roads the whole trip from Puerto Princesa to El Nido so I can't say is was a good experience but it was at times a interesting one.

When we get to El Nido had it been dark and we find out that the shops here close quite early. So it was not much to do the first day here.
The guest house (see reviews) was a dump that we will check out of tomorrow since here is nothing beside a room and a really hard bed.
The rest of the day was ruined and we was turning in early since it was nothing to do here.

Day 25.

We check out of Sophia's Beach Guest House today and get another room closer to town that have a better standard and are a little closer to things so we don't need to use a fortune in trickles back and forward .

We are now on the side of one of the main roads here so it's a little noisy since here are bikes and cars driving past here all the time.
Have been some rain here today and after the forecast will we get even more rain tomorrow and some heavy wind here.

Day 26.

Woke up to a nice and sunny day today and I hope it will last most of the day here. So we can take a trip to the beach and take some pictures of the place before we going back to Puerto Princesa and Manila tomorrow.

Was not much happened today just a slow pre departure day there we pack since we have to get up early so we can take the bus that go around 11 in the day.

Looking also forward to get on the net again since here in El Nido the net is really really slow so it take around 30 min to lode a page like Facebook or something so that is not fun at all.

Day 27.

Checking out of our hotel and had to the bus terminal to take the bus back to Puerto Princesa. I can say that El Nido was a big disappointment since the place is:
  • Crowded
  • Overpriced both the food and the hotels
  • Dirty
  • Noisy more or less 24/7
  • Almost non of the hotels have a decent standard and the one that have a decent standard have almost the same price as a 4 star hotel.
  • You get bothered by street vendors everywhere even in the restaurant when you sitting and eating dinner.
So this is a place I can say I will not visit again in many years, so next time I visit Puerto Princesa will I visit Honda Bay and maybe a trip to the Underground river.
The trip back to Puerto was no problem really we left early so we was there around 4 in the afternoon.

Day 28.

It's looks like I have got an mild form of food poison again here after eating some grilled chicken in El Nido. I guess it's like that when they cut it up in the same place as they cut up other things. 
But it's no problem really just a little inconvenient since we have a long day tomorrow whit travelling back to Manila.
Was not doing so much today beside got ready for or flight back to Manila tomorrow and it will be good to come back to 2016 again since here in Puerto Princesa it's look like they are still in the 1980's in many ways.

Day 29.

Its time to depart from Puerto Princesa for this time and head back to the main land and Manila. Had to wait a little since the plane was delayed around 30 min so we was boarding around the time we was set to take off.

When we come to Manila terminal 3 it was much nagging from desperate taxi scammers but we choose to use a meter taxi so we get a decent price. 
The taxi scammers price wary from 750 php to 1400 php from the airport to Makati, We ended up to pay 300 php whit a meter taxi.

Day 30.

Had an extra day in Makati since there was no flight ticket to be found on this day and it can have something whit that people have the day off work and I guess they use it to travel. We will leave for Tacloban tomorrow.
We used most of the day at Greenbelt and walking in the malls since here is not much else to do around here.

Day 31.

Time for our flight to Tacloban and we go to the airport early since it can be much traffic in the middle of the day in Manila. We had a flight out from Manila airport terminal 3 whit Cebu Pacific. And like in most airports in Philippines it's some chaos everywhere there, but the security check is not to bad since you don't need to strip before you pass it.

Day 32.

Sitting here in my hotel room in Go hotels sick as a dog after eating a bad burger in Manila. Hope it go over soon but as I have written before so are food hygiene not the priority number one here in Philippines, or rest of Asia for that matter.

Day 33.

Was some dance party outside the Robisson mall today and it was much people around here, beside that it was a rainy day so it was not much to do really just relax and walk around the mall.

Day 34.

Slow day in Tacloban not much happen used most of the time to relax in my room looking at TV and write little in my blog in hope of maybe I can post it soon if I find a decent net.

Day 35.

More or less the same as yesterday not much to do here in the city beside walk around in the mall and that can be a little boring after a while.

Day 36.

Leaving Tacloban and going to Saint Bernard for a week or so just to have been there this year, have not been here since 2012 now so i guess it's time for a visit again.

We checked out of Go hotels around 10 in the morning and take an last trip around the mall before we take an taxi to the terminal to get an minivan to Saint Bernard.

The minivan is like everything else here small for me that is 192 cm high, and since no one here have heard of an time schedule so is it much waiting since they try to fill up the van before they can drive.
Was some rain today but still hot so i guess it's will be fine in not to long.
Was raining buckets in the evening and night here but so long it's raining in the night can it just rain for me.

Side note: The net connection is still really bad and slow here and i don't know if it getting better or what. Time will show i guess.

Day 37.

Check out of Kissbone today and take an trip to Sogod since we now need to pre pay our room per day in cash in Kissbone and whit a night price at 1800 php so is that not acceptable for an room that is worth max 750 php per night.

So we will be some days in Sogod in stead of Saint Bernard. Try to order a beef yesterday for dinner but it was like eating an old shoe it was in fact the worst beef i have eaten in my life. The beef was about 5 mm thick and burned so you can say it was very very well done.
So they really need to change the chef there for the food there is not for people.

So this is probably the last time i stay in Kissbone. And if i will stay there again will it be many years to, for to pay 1800 php for an old room whit an bed that give you neck and back problems is not acceptable.

Starting to rain to so this will be an wet and boring day it looks like.
Sitting and looking at the cars that pass by here and the speed is high it looks like they have stole the car/motorbike they drive here.

The bus finally come and it was full to the max so it was not much room to move in there before we begin to get close to Sogod. There was even some people on the roof of the bus so it was not quite legal can you say.

Day 38.

Nothing much happened in Sogod today are here alone since Jelith had to take a trip back to Saint Bernard to fix something she will be back tomorrow morning. So today will I have a relaxing day alone here and it is ok so I can relax and do some work on my blog and finish the hotel reviews since I are a little behind on that part.

I have to take a trip in to the town little later to do some shopping and get some food.
Here is some karaoke place near by that are open from early in the morning to layt at night and there is no one that can sing so that is very annoying.

Day 39.

Still in Sogod nothing much to do here really since it's just a small town whit not much to do or see. Guess I will go back to Tacloban in not to long and see if I stay there to new year and then going back to Manila the 1 of January.

Day 40.

Still in Sogod and I try to take out some money today but for some strange reason they turn off the connection to Visa or what ever in the weekends, so I have wait to Monday to get out some money.

Day 41.

Had a relaxing day in Sogod not much happens here really in the weekends have a karaoke bar or something not to far from the hotel that people stand and sing on from early morning to late at night but beside that is Sogod an quiet hillbilly place.

Day 42.

Got finally out some money today in a bank that I don't think they take visa but they did so I saved me an 7 hour trip to Tacloban to take out some money. Beside that we used the day to get ready for our check out tomorrow and the trip back to Tacloban.

Day 43.

Check out of Villa Catalina today finally and head back to Tacloban. It will be better in an bigger city then this hillbilly place.
Sitting in the bus terminal and buses and minivans fluting all the time and this is over average irritating and I have never understand the reason for this beside they make an lot of noise.

Sitting now in the van to Tacloban and it will take around 3 hours to get there. Have already drive past 3 accidents on the road here one of them was an bus. But as they drive there is it no wonder that there are many accidents they drive as they have stolen the car.
Beside that the trip was ok, and we was in Tacloban around 11.00 in the day and headed to Zpad hotel as we will stay the next 6 days.

Day 44.

Nothing much happened had a trip to the mall and see that they had build on it so it's much bigger and it have a 3 floor there that have the cinemas and some food court.

Day 45.

Had a relaxing day and buy some pizza for dinner, was a really hot day and sunny and that's good. Nothing much to do here in Tacloban really but it's ok to just relax to.

Day 46.

Was raining buckets here today so I guess it's not going to be so much to do today beside take a trip to the mall again. Was driving this mini bus they have here and they are made for umpa lumpas and not people that is over 150 cm that's for sure. Had an quiet day beside that and was going to bed early since here was nothing to do.

Day 47.

Had just a short trip to the mall to buy some things beside that we was in our room and relax was to many people in the mall today since it's weekend.

Day 48.

Have been raining cats and dogs here today and been a little sun. An very boring day where nothing happened. Had an trip to the mall to buy some ham and some jam beside that an relaxing day here today. Can't say I am so imprest of the shops here since you need to stand in line and wait for hours sometimes and they have no system in nothing there. But I guess it's working somehow here since non have done anything about it.
Was taking one of this umpa lumpa mini bus things again today and it's a show every time to get in and out of them.

Day 49.

Had an relaxing day where nothing happened. Was looking a little on the General Arthur landing place in Palo but the net here have been so slow and bad today that this net connection here have really been trying my patients since it's so slow that you need to wait for ever to lode a page and when it's almost finish the f***g thing falling out. It's by the way the first time I have seen that the WIFI say you are connected to the net, but the net browser say you are not connected to the net.

Day 50.

Have been raining the most of the day here so have barley been out side the door so not much to report of today. Got my flight ticket back to Manila the 26 of December and I will stay there to it's time to go back to Norway the 4 of January. I also need to extend my visa for 4 days since the people in the Philippine embassy in Oslo just give me to the 1 of January for some reason.

Day 51.

Just had a local trip today over to the conversion centre that is not to far from the hotel here, Last time I was there in 2014 the whole place was a wrack after the typhoon in 2013. Now they have a nice park there and it's looks very nice around there.

Day 52.

Woke up today by a small earthquake that a see was around 5 on the Riscther scale and had it's centre right outside the coast here, but here in Tacloban it was just some small shacking for about 5 sec so it was not any drama whit this at all. We have an sunny day here today and it's looks like it will be a really nice day.
Had a short trip to the mall but there was so many people that it was almost impossible to walk anywhere and I can say for sure I am fed up whit standing in line everywhere, about 90% of the time you use in a shop you use to stand in line.
Day 53.

See they say here will come an tropical storm here in the next hours, just hope it's not hit Tacloban since here is a nice and sunny day today but it's looks like it will be rain later today since here are some very dark clouds on the sky, but so long it's just rain it's not the biggest problem so long we don't get any wind to.
When it come to the net so is that still on and off and very very slow.

I was not that lucky that the tropical storm pass here and it's now start to rain buckets here but still no wind but I see that will come a little later today so I hope the forecast is wrong since it's no weather to be out in for the moment.

Day 54.

Will have an Xmas alone at the hotel this year since Jeleth take an trip back to Saint Bernard and that's fine since I are around people all the time here everyday so it will be good to just relax and don't do so much. 
And have some time alone for a little while to clear my head from noise and people.

It's now 22:35 (10:35 pm) and still no typhoon so I hope it miss Tacloban all together and that it will be an nice and sunny day tomorrow since it's soon time to leave for Manila now, and stay some days there before this trip is over for this time. 

We wish all readers a very merry Christmas

Day 55.

Woke up early today for some music was playing somewhere around here from early morning to late at night. Don't know what it is probably some party some place around here.

Beside that here is not much news all is the same and I will begin to get ready for my Exit tomorrow back to Manila. It had been nice to have a net connection here so I can get an hotel room there but it have to wait to tomorrow before I leave the hotel here in Tac.

Can say I beginning to be a little fed up of this slow net connection here since it's not possible to do anything at all since it's off and on all the time. So my advice is Philippines get a better internet for that you have today sucks really bad.

Day 56.

Receive an mail from Philippine Air today that my flight to Manila is cancelled do to the Typhoon Nina that are over Philippines right now so now we need to get a refund and get new tickets for an later day.

Day 57.

Got up early today and and check out of the hotel and had a short trip around the town before we get to the Airport. And check in and wait for the flight to Manila.

We have a boarding time 17.55, but the flight was not landing before that time so we was around an 30 min delayed and it take another 30 min before they was ready for take off after we had boarded the plane. I don't know what it was but they don't look to be in any hurry.

The flight was fine to we get to Manila and had landed then it was more waiting on the runway in fact 2 times for about 10 min each time for some reason so when we was going in to the airport it was 20:58 so we have used the whole day to travel from Tacloban to Manila.
We had a room in the Best Western Hotel in Makati so we was going straight there to check in.

Day 58.

Nothing much happened today had a trip to the mall to do some small shopping beside that we had a quiet day.

Day 59.

Same nothing much happened got us a new hotel room for the last days here beside a very quiet day. Not so much to do here beside walking in the malls and look around.

Day 60.

Was an trip to Manila Airport Terminal 1 today to extend my visa for the last 4 days since the embassy missed 4 days of my trip, and there was no one that can do anything so I need to wait to after new year and see for a 30 day visa to a price of almost 5000 peso.
Beside that we was a trip in the mall again today since there is not much to do here.

Day 61.

Checking out of Best Western Oxford suite hotel in the outer Makati and going to check in at Asian Mansion II for the last days here in Philippines. This new year have been an interesting one whit much fireworks, bad food and a ridiculous amount of rain.

I see the streets outside our hotel is empty but here are some hotels in the same street that have some type of new year party here so it's not completely dead around Makati.

The net here in Philippines still sucks and are so slow that it's annoying to use it sometimes. 

See you in 2017..

Day 01.

The new year dinner was a bummer we was buying some beef here but it was more like eating a old shoe sole so that was just to throw in the garbage.

Not much happened New year was in the hotel room since it was nothing that happened outside just some private party on some of the hotels around here where you had to pay from 2000 to 9000 peso per person to get in.

1 new year day is a quiet day here it looks like not much traffic or people outside as I can see.

Day 02.

Nothing spes happened today really had a quiet day whit no stress. Was an trip to the mall here and get an burger and that's all really.

I have found out that I getting sick as a dog of McDonalds no matter where in the world I eat it it is the same so this year it's no more McDonalds for me. Since I really don't think it's that fun to be all sick.

Day 03.

Was to the immigration office in Makati today to extend my visa for 4 days since the Philippine embassy in Oslo had given me 4 days to little, I think it was on purpose since they can get some more money out of you.
Anyway the 4 day extension come to almost 10.000 peso all in all so you can say that day was ruined.

But anyway I don't need to do it in the airport now since I guess they are even more corrupted and the price had been 10 times this amount.
When I was finish in the immigration we take an taxi back to the hotel to relax and after that take an trip around the mall.

Day 04.

It's time to leave Philippines for this year and go back to Norway.
After I check out of the hotel I take an trip around the mall and looked around before I take an taxi to the airport. The taxi driver had major problems to find terminal 1, first we ended up outside terminal 4. Then after I say to him no terminal 1, he say aaaaaaaaa ok but anyway we then ended up at terminal 3. And I say no terminal 1 international flight terminal and after some thinking we get there.

I had good time so it was no problem for me but I wonder why people like that are taxi drivers.
Was sitting a while and wait before we begin to board since I was very early and had 3-4 hours wait there. The flight from MNL to BKK was ok there was some turbulence but beside that it was ok.

There was an small delay in Bangkok since we had to use buses and they was delayed so we had to stand in the plane for an while, beside that it was not much happened on Bangkok airport this day.

Day 05.

The flight from Bangkok to Oslo was no problem it was for the first time quiet and no kids that was crying or anything so that was good.
Was a little time to wait for the bag and after that it was just to relax some hours before it was time to take the last flight to Alesund and then a short car drive home.


My conclusion of the trip 2016/2017

Well it's still much that need to be done here in Philippines before the tourists will begin to come in the same numbers like the do in Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and so on.

The first thing and this is as I see it the priority number one and that is to do something whit the taxi scams especially in the airports for it's not the best commercial for the tourist business that the first thing you meet as a tourist when you coming out from the airport terminal in Philippines is a bunch of criminal taxi drivers that take a huge overprice for a taxi trip.

That tells most people that this is the first and last trip to Philippines and as I see it so is that to bad since it's a very nice country to spend your holiday in. And since Philippines try to take more tourists from other tourist destinations in Asia so is this not good that the first thing the tourists meet when they come to Philippines is some of the world highest taxi prices.
They say it's more fun in the Philippines well it can be more expensive to. So always have small change in your pocket if you take a taxi for almost no taxi driver have any “change” if you give them 500 or 1000 peso, so always have 300-400 peso in the pocket for things like this.

Like me I usually begin and end my trip in Makati since it's close to the airport. And just as an example when I take the taxi from the airport to Makati the price is now 1.900 peso. The trip from Makati to the airport is 500 peso this is from the same place. So the difference is as you see 1.400 peso. This is a 7,7 km trip. From Ninoy Aquino International Airport T 1, Andrews Ave, Pasay. To Prince Plaza II Condotel, 101 Dela Rosa Street, Makati.
So if there is any meter taxi there use them just ask where you can find it whit the airport staff. And stay away from the people that come up to you and ask if you need an taxi for that will be one expensive trip.

And just ignore there excuses like they use a bigger car, that it's for your safety, that they have a kid in hospital on life support, all is just lies and a big bucket of BS. Non of this is your problem and as I say it's a lie to get you to hire them for a trip.
Here are some useful links that can help you a little on the way to a good taxi trip in Manila and Philippines.
One other thing they need to think about is the over priced run down hotels that is so common in Philippines. You can say that you pay much more then you get, many of the hotels and resorts have basic standard whit no hot water in the shower and small rooms. I have been staining in some hotels there now and well 99% of them need to be renovated since they are beginning to show there age and the paint in falling off the walls. You find My Hotel and Resort Review here if you are interested in that.

They also need to look in to the terminal fees that they have both in the airport and for boat/ferry terminals. (some airports have this fee in the ticket price now I see) The fee is not the problem but they can begin to have it in the ticket price so it's easier for the travellers when they buy a ticket. And since it's rare they have any change for a 500 or 1000 peso so again remember to have some 50 or 100 peso bills in your pocket.

And they have to make it a little more easy to travel in the country for as it is now it's very difficult and sometimes more like a nightmare to go some place in Philippines and the shortest trip can take the whole day.
If you go by land it’s either in small crowded mini vans or in old crowded buses, and if you are over 160 cm high can it be problems whit the space for your feet.
If you go by boat you have over crowded terminals and bad planning when it come to boarding the boat. Plus there is some fees that you need to pay to the people that handle the luggage if you have some. The space in the boats are ok and not a big problem.

If you go by air you have over crowded terminals bad planning whit the ticket desk and in security check. Plus in smaller terminals it can be a little difficult to hear what plane that are boarding since there can be many boarding’s from the same gate to different destinations. And in small airports there are so screens that show the time table or the gate your flight have, so that is something you need to find out. Sometimes they let you know in the boarding both what gate your flight are boarding from.

When we see where tourists and backpackers wish to travel so is Philippines far down the list of choices of the countries in South east Asia that they want to visit. But I think this is most for it's difficult to get there and it's even more difficult to travel around in Philippines so for that reason many chose to stop in like Thailand and travel from there to Laos and so on.

Plus in this age whit internet you can get all of the information you need before you go and there are some horror stories when it come to Philippines that also can be a factor in that people chose other destinations for there vacation then Philippines.

And as I have written before here so is that a shame since they have much to offer and there are many things to see there, but there are also to many that want to scam you and that is I think a big part of the problem here. Yes I know you will be scammed everywhere you go but not in that extent as in Philippines there it's more a culture.

Also this that if they do you a “favour” they expect you to pay them for this favour, so if you don't like to give away money to everyone you see it can be the best thing to do most things yourself. For it can be very expensive very fast if you give away money to everyone that think they have done an favour for you and demand that you pay them even if it's just 20 peso every time.

I see that some of the people in Philippines have some really strong hate for tourists and they think most of them are Americans. It's not any big problem today but very annoying and something that have to stop, or there will be no more tourists after a while as this get more common, but for all I know maybe that is what they want there to have as little tourism as possible? Since they are standing and yelling American go home we don't want you here, the ironic thing it that I am not from America and have never been in the US at all.
For me personalty so is this something that are happened 2 times now in 2016 and I think it's have something to do whit the new president and all his hostile comments to the US and Europe.

So I don't think it's a wide spread problem if I going to guess I will say maybe 2-3 % of the Filipinos thinks like this, yes I know that it's over 100 mill that live in Philippines but I think this problem is most common in the city. But it's not more they need before the tourist industry will begin to suffer, and since it's already a very long and difficult travel route to Philippines it can be that the western tourists find places that is not that hostile in the region and easier to fly to then Philippines.

Let me ask you this question is it then ok if like the US and Europe refuse to have people from Philippines visiting and working in there countries or is this a one way thing? There all other nations going to stay out of Philippines but the Filipinos can travel anywhere they want?

This flight seat tax that the Norwegian government (that is H,FRP, V, KRF) have sat in to action is ridiculous and is just make the flights more expensive. And when you think about that this tax is a demand from one political parties (V) that don't have more supporters then they can hold there meetings in a old phone both it says much about how tax horny Norwegian politicians are and it explain why everything in Norway cost an arm and a leg it's the country where everything have a huge tax or fee.

One other thing that bugs me are kids on long haul flights I talking here about kids from 1 month to 3 years. This are a very irritating on so long flights when they cry most of the time or shouting. 
The other passengers don't think your kid are cute just for you the parents think they are when they make all that noise.
When it come to infants on so long flights I will believe it is close to child abuse to have them whit you on a so long flight. And if you don't think it so think about the 300+ passengers that are not interested to sit and hear some kid crying for 4 to 6 hours before it sleeps for 2-3 hours before it begins again.

We try this time to use this small handhold radios to communicate whit since cell phone is very expensive.
And that work very well. The radio we used was a Baofeng BF R5 and Baofeng UV 5XThis radio have a range up to 10 km in open terrain it's normally have a range from 3 to 10 km, It's very easy to carry around and the radio take not to much room in your pocket or you can hang it in your belt or some place else.

This radio can you use inside and outside, and it can be used on short range (up to 3 km) it can reach longer but that depends on where you are, like if you are a place whit many high buildings or out in the country side. But anyway it's a good way to save money since it's absolutely free to use. And you can have contact in places where there is no phone signal, and you can use so many radios you want so every member of the family can have on

A little radio rapport:

I have used this radios for the 60 days I was in Philippines and it worked quite well. Since I don't use it on long distance it was no problem. I use it mostly on distances from 200 meters to 2 km and to that it's perfect. They have a range  between 3 km to 5 km it depends where you are.

The radio works very well inside buildings to since we use UHF radios, it go trough walls very easy. It's not water resistant but it handle a rain shower very well. If the radio getting to wet so turn it off and take out the battery’s and dry the inside of the radio and it will be good as new. So if you want to save money on short distance communication I can recommend radios like this. 
The radios are also perfect if you travel many together or in a group, it's then easier to give a message to all at once, and you don't need to call every one of them.

We use it mostly on: 
  • Trips and sightings
  • Photo shuts if we are some distance apart so we don't need to yell
  • In airports
  • Shopping malls
  • And to give messages in general.
  • It's free to use and your phone is ready to take incoming calls.
My travel gear.

Here is some gear I always have whit me on a trip.
  • 2 way radio for local communication, and disasters.
  • Flashlight for the times the electric is gone or trips in caves, disasters, fire's and so on.
  • Super zoom camera Canon PowerShot SX50 HS.
  • Mobile phone in case someone outside my aria want to contact me.
PMR 446 Frequencies

Channel 01- 446.00625 MHz.
Channel 02- 446.01875 MHz.
Channel 03- 446.03125 MHz. 
Channel 04- 446.04375 MHz. 
Channel 05- 446.05625 MHz.
Channel 06- 446.06875 MHz.
Channel 07- 446.08125 MHz.
Channel 08- 446.09375 MHz.
KDR 444 Frequencies

Channel 09- 444,60000 MHz.
Channel 10- 444,65000 MHz. 
Channel 11- 444,80000 MHz. 
Channel 12- 444,82500 MHz. 
Channel 13- 444,85000 MHz. 
Channel 14- 444,97500 MHz. 
Channel 15- 444.92500 MHz. 
Channel 16- 444.97500 MHz. 

Some information for especially interested readers

E 006° 06' 36.59"/N 62° 33' 37.33" /6.110164/62.560369
Airport Type: A – Civil

Runway: 06/24
Dimension: 7592 x 148 ft / 2314.0 x 45.1 m
Surface: Asphalt, asphaltic concrete, tar macadam, or bitumen bound macadam.
Elevation: 69 ft / 21.03 m

Airport Information:
Aviator at Ålesund Airport
Plane Spotting Guide

Ålesund Airport webcam
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Airport Communications

Automatic Terminal Information:
128.650 mhz

118.100 mhz
119.850 mhz
121.200 mhz
122.100 mhz
127.725 mhz

E 011° 06' 01.30"/N 60° 11' 38.10" /11.100361/60.193917
Airport Type: Civil/Mil

Runway: 01 L/19 R
Dimension: 11811 x 148 ft / 3600.0 x 45.1 m
Surface: Asphalt, asphaltic concrete, tar macadam, or bitumen bound macadam.

Runway: 01 R/19 L
Dimension: 9678 x 148 ft / 2949.9 x 45.1 m
Surface: Asphalt, asphaltic concrete, tar macadam, or bitumen bound macadam.
Elevation: 681 ft / 207.57 m

Airport Information:

Airport Communications

Approach Control APP:
119.975 mhz
120.450 mhz

Clearance Delivery CLNC DEL:
121.600 mhz

Director Radar/Approach Control:
131.350 mhz

Ground Control:
121.925 mhz
121.675 mhz
121.725 mhz
369.325 mhz

Operations WINGOPS:
131.250 mhz
293.800 mhz

Tower TWR:
118.300 mhz
120.100 mhz
339.875 mhz

E 100° 44' 51.64"/N 13° 40' 51.02" / 100.747678/13.680839
Airport Type: A – Civil

Runway: 01 L/19 R
Dimension: 12165 x 200 ft / 3707.9 x 61.0 m
Surface: Asphalt, asphaltic concrete, tar macadam, or bitumen bound macadam.

Runway: 01 R/19 L
Dimension: 13130 x 200 ft / 4002.0 x 61.0 m
Surface: Asphalt, asphaltic concrete, tar macadam, or bitumen bound macadam.
Elevation: 5 ft / 1.52 m

Airport Information:

Airport Communications

Bangkok APP CTL:
122.350 mhz
257.600 mhz
124.350 mhz
262.500 mhz
125.200 mhz

Arrival Control ARR:
126.300 mhz
133.600 mhz

Automatic Terminal Information
127.800 mhz
278.600 mhz

Ground Control:
121.650 mhz
275.800 mhz
121.750 mhz
121.950 mhz

118.200 mhz
274.500 mhz
119.000 mhz

E 121° 01' 10.49"/N 14° 30' 31.13" / 121.019581/14.508647
Airport Type: Civil/Mil

Runway: 06/24
Dimension: 12261 x 197 ft / 3737.2 x 60.0 m
Surface: Concrete

Runway: 13/31
Dimension: 7408 x 148 ft / 2258.0 x 45.1 m
Surface: Concrete.
Elevation: 75 ft / 22.86 m

Airport Information:

Airport Communications

Approach/Departure Control:
119.700 mhz
121.100 mhz

Area Control Centre:
128.300 mhz

126.400 mhz

Clearance Delivery 1:
125.100 mhz

Ground Control:
121.800 mhz

118.100 mhz

E 125° 01' 39.93"/N 11° 13' 39.46" /125.027758/11.227628
Airport Type: A – Civil

Runway 18/36
Dimension: 7014 x 148 ft / 2137.9 x 45.1 m
Surface: Asphalt, asphaltic concrete, tar macadam, or bitumen bound macadam.
Elevation: 10 ft / 3.05 m

Airport Information:
Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport Facebook
Planes Spotting Guide

Airport Communications

Approach Control:
120.800 mhz

122.100 mhz

E 118° 45' 31.43"/N 09° 44' 31.63" /118.758731/9.742119
Airport Type: A – Civil

Runway: 09/27
Surface: Concrete.
Dimension: 8530 x 148 ft / 2599.9 x 45.1 m
Elevation: 71 ft / 21.64 m

Airport Information:
Plane spotting Guide

Airport Communications

Approach Control:
122.000 mhz

118.100 mhz

Airport Codes
Ground ATC
Flight Service Station
Airport operations.
Air Traffic Control Tower
Regional Director of Operations
Cloud (met)
Area Control Centre
Air to ground radio
Radar service
Hold Controller
Automatic Terminal Info Service
Southern Oceanic Tranition Aria
Northern Oceanic Tranition Aria